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Rivers & Dams

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Position of the upper and lower gold mines on the South Fork of the American River, California, July 20, 1848.

Serial Set 537 (30-2) H.exdoc. 1, map 4
Scale: 1:210,000
Size: 24 x 46 cm.

Shows various mine locations along the American River, the South Fork of the American River, and Weber's Creek. Shows adjacent topography and identifies vegetation and soil. Gives the distances of the upper and lower mines from Sutter's Fort.

Boulder Canyon Project, Hoover Dam, map of Boulder City and vicinity. 1950.
United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation; submitted: Henry C. Hall [signed]; recommended: Robert B. Jamison [signed]; approved: L.J. Hudlow [signed] Acting Director of Project; Boulder City, Nevada, April 20, 1950; drawn W.A.B.; traced R.E.; checked D.R.S.

Serial Set 11396 (81-2) S.doc. 196, map 6
Scale: Indeterminable
Size: 47 x 31 cm.

Power, telephone, and water lines, highways, and railroad lines shown for Boulder City, Nevada and vicinity.

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