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Canals and Harbors

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Map of the beach at the head of Presqu'ile Bay exhibiting a project for forming a navigable channel through it and for preventing its further extension.

Lieut. T.S. Brown, U.S. Engs., Thos Forster, Lieut. Geo. Webb Morrell, U.S. Engs.

Serial Set 289 (24-1) H.doc. 128, map 1
Scale: 1:3,600
Size: 58 x 68 cm.

Notations of erosion and deposition at various points in bay, former shorelines, proposed chanel. Inset map is Sketch of Presqu'ile Harbor.

No. 1 shewing the form of the principal mud shoal formed in the Delaware Breakwater Harbor in the years 1833, 34, and 36 so far as recorded. Also the proposed extension of the ice breaker and reduction in length of the breakwater.
Taken from Lt. Hetzel soundings of the Spring of 1836. Soundings taken in the fall of 1834 by Lt. Lane. Fred A. Smith, 2nd Lt. Engrs., Nov. 30th 1836; To Briga'r General, Charles Gratiot, Chie4f Engineer; Richd. Captn. of Engineers; Original soundings of 1828 by Lt. Sherburne from Mr. Stricklands map of 1833. Gowen & Co. Lith. Philada.

American State Papers 21-06 (24-2) Mil.aff. 699, map 2
Scale 1:3,750
Size: 26 x 56 cm.

Shows shoals and mud bottoms around the Delaware breakwater. Also show the ice breaker with a proposed extension.

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